3 comments on “Queensryche – Frequency Unknown [Review]

  1. I did not care for the song “Cold’ first time I heard it, now I kind of like it. The problem with the album is, the songs while not bad, does not really have much of an identity, other then Tate’s voice it could have been any modern band. Also the use of the name is silly, Geoff Tate never in the past claimed to be Queensryche, but now suddenly claims the name, whatever. Again, not a bad album but considering the history of the artist involved its a bit of a disappointment. I do have to agree with you, I believe he is being judged more for his douchebag behavior then the music he is creating.


  2. Thanks for this review. I’m still not sure whether I care enough to give either Queesryche a try at this point. At least now however you’ve given me a much better sense as to the actual music beyond the rubbernecking drama on which to base a decision..


  3. I know what you mean. I’ve taken the re-records out of the album on my phone, ipod and computer, and have ripped a blank cd to have the album without the re-records on it.

    In this state, despite all it has going against it, I listen to this album way more often than I expected to. Some surprisingly strong material on here that most people will miss out on because its fun to pick sides.

    That being said, the other version of Queensryhce’s album is absolutely brilliant. No getting around the fact that FU isn’t as good as its competition.


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