gave me a gift card… and here’s what I did with it!

So last week I got an email from stating that was giving me a gift card in the amount of $22.62. Well, more like a gift code that I had to redeem. I still haven’t been able to figure out why I was given this. I thought maybe it was from the Amazon Affiliates program I’m apart of (that’s when I drop those links for various DVDs/CDs on my blogs after reviewing something), but nope. It just doesn’t add up!

Well, for fear that maybe this gift from Amazon was a mistake, I quickly made sure I spent the money.

Here’s what I bought (and I will admit I went $2 over the gift amount and had to spend my own hard-earned cash :( ):


Item #1: Transformers – The Japanese Collection: Headmasters

I’ve been wanting to pick this one up for awhile. This series was aired only in Japan, ignored the 3-episode Season 4 of the original U.S.-produced Transformers cartoon and introduced TONS of new characters and concepts to the TF line. Someday, I will review this series on this very blog.

Item #2: Mom and Dad Save the World

This wacky sci-fi/adventure comedy is a very guilty pleasure much in the same way that Stay Tuned starring John Ritter is. And hey, they both came out in 1992 and featured Jeffrey Jones!

Item #3: The Untold Legend of the Batman

This is a black & white paperback that collects the original three issue mini-series that was released in 1980. This series was later reissued in the late ’80s as audio editions and I had the second issue of that. Someone was kind enough to upload the audio cassettes and sync them with the comic book panels on YouTube though:

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