8 comments on “Black Sabbath – 13 [Review]

  1. Great review. I’m not getting into this album so much. Like you say, it’s just not knocking my socks off. There are some good tracks and moments but it’s a bit dull and self conscious. Even Iommi’s riffs aren’t as inventive as usual. Not even bothered listening to the bonus tracks yet.


  2. I love this album! Not a fan of the cover art though… I was hoping for a flaming skull, dragons, vikings slaughtering big killer snakes… not the flaming kielbasa shaped “13”!

    You know by now, I’m just too darn old school. ;) I do appreciate your sincerity in this review (as always) and keep Rockin’ without ever stoppin’!! m/m/


  3. I prefer the bonus tracks too (although mine doesn’t have “Naïveté in Black”). I find the whole album a bit forgettable. There’s nothing I actually dislike, but I just… I just don’t care. Its so hard to care about it. There’ll be a cool riff here and there, but its just not special in any way.


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