Gotta give DC Comics & Warner Bros. some credit. They may not be able to get many (good) superhero movies into production but they almost always deliver when it comes to their direct-to-video animated movies. That’s one area Marvel Comics hasn’t been able to get an iron grip on (yet).


Superman: Unbound
2013, Warner Home Video

Unfortunately, I don’t feel Superman: Unbound is anything but passable, but If you’ve ever had a Superman/tentacle porn fantasy, this is the movie for you! At least DC/Warner is taking inspiration from actual story lines from the comic books. The movie is based on the “Superman: Brainiac” story line that ran through Action Comics issues #866-870 in 2008. That’s right about the time I was getting out of reading comic books on a weekly basis so I’m not familiar with the original story.

It’s not a bad movie, just nothing special. I have nothing more to say because it’s been awhile since I’ve seen this movie!


Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
2013, Warner Home Video

I’ve read a lot of positive reviews online for this one and they are well deserved. This is probably the strongest animated DC movie in quite some time. Again, the inspiration was taken from an actual story in the comics. “Flashpoint” was a big story going through the DC Universe back in 2011. It changed everything that we knew and loved about the DCU. It was a reset/reboot button for DC Comics universe and gave us “The New 52”.

I haven’t read “Flashpoint” yet so I was definitely interested in this seeing this movie. It’s a good story although it feels like they probably skipped some important moments like why Aquaman & the Atlanteans and Wonder Woman & the Amazons went “bad”. Even the reason of why they went to war against one another seemed a bit off to me, but at least that’s explained.

I like that Flash is the central figure in this story. All of the events that take place were caused by him and it’s up to him, along with the help of a few allies (Thomas Wayne as Batman, Cyborg and a very alien-looking Superman), to set things right. The aftermath and creation of “The New 52” is cleverly avoided in this movie.

This one is definitely worth checking out.

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