Russell Stover’s Pumpkin Pie & Orange Cream Pumpkin chocolate-covered Candies


Everyone knows Russell Stover. They’ve worked their assorted chocolates into every major holiday: Easter, Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day. Generally, it’s the same candy every holiday except the packaging is different and so are the shapes (eggs for Easter, pumpkins for Halloween, Santa for Christmas, hearts for Valentine’s, etc.). But what better way than to continue celebrating the fall season (and Halloween being right around the corner) than with a few of their pumpkin-shaped chocolate treats?

Truthfully, I’m not a big fan of this type of candy with the various flavors of nougats, creams, mints and what have you. Russell Stover’s chocolate covered caramel seasonal candies are my favorite, the rest I might try in the name of the holiday season but they wouldn’t rank as something spectacular to my taste buds. In fact, they taste like what they are: cheap candy (you can usually get two of these suckers for $1 at any store that sells them).

As I said, in the spirit of the season, I had to try these last night. Having never seen Russell Stover release a pumpkin pie candy before, I definitely knew that was going to be mine. Too bad I didn’t take a picture of it once I bit into it but the color is that of an actual pumpkin pie, somewhere between orange and tan. That’s how the pumpkin spice M&M’s should’ve looked! The texture isn’t what I expected. I expect something a bit creamier but it had a gritty quality to it like cookie dough. It even tasted like cookie dough with, dare I say, just a touch of peanut butter flavor. That’s all I could think of while eating it: peanut butter & cookie dough. It was okay. Again, I’m glad I tried it but I don’t plan on ever having on again. The texture is just wrong and the flavor is way off.

I’m also a big fan of the chocolate/orange combo. Like those orange jelly sticks dipped in chocolate or Haviland orange creme thin mints. So I always try the milk chocolate & dark chocolate orange creams. The texture is whipped and fluffy and that’s fine but I didn’t think there was a strong enough orange flavor. Either that or the dark chocolate was completely overpowering the orange.

Ultimately, the entire line of seasonal Russell Stover candies is like candy corn. You don’t necessarily go seeking it out or even like it all that much, but you’re glad it’s there and the season wouldn’t feel the same without it. Even if I wouldn’t dare eat most of them, it does my heart good to see rows and rows of these shiny colorful wrappers with a jack o’lantern smiling right at me.

By the way — this is my 600th post on this blog. Yay me.

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