3 comments on “Alice Cooper – Special Forces [Review]

  1. I once read, “If you took all the good songs from Alice’s “lost” period, you could make one hell of a good road tape.”

    That is true. But still I don’t really like this period. Dada being my least liked of them.

    • I think DaDa is amazing. Extremely underrated Alice album. He’s said in the past he would like to re-record some of those songs. I doubt he ever will though.

      I do agree if you compiled the best songs from this era, you’d have one really special album.

      • And that’s the thing about Dada! If you go on Amazon you’ll see a bunch of 1* reviews and 5* reviews with a few in between. The fans are very, very polarized on that one. And I love Former Lee Warmer.

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