8 comments on “My thoughts on KISS getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and album reviews coming

  1. I totally agree – as far as I’m concerned, KISS is not limited to just the original foursome and I get really tired of people trying to limit them to that. Heretical as it may be, I actually prefer 1980s KISS myself…But Gene and Paul are totally right, the entire history of the band needs to be recognized. Furthermore, I think the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a flaming tower of beaver droppings anyway. I don’t need some board of executive music snobs telling me who rocks and who doesn’t.

    • I agree. It’s good press for whatever bands that get inducted, but given who they induct and the people running it — the Hall of Fame doesn’t mean much. All the rock fans KNOW who are hall of fame bands, regardless of what a bunch of old dudes in Cleveland say.

  2. Bare minimum, Eric Carr should be in there. I’m willing to accept not inducting Bruce or anyone else, but Eric MUST be in there…just another insult thrown at Carr’s way via the mainsteam. He couldn’t even get a decent death announcement in Rolling Stone, then RS edited down Kiss’ letter complaining about that, and now this.

  3. Have to agree with you and Mike, Carr definitely deserves to be in there. Nor would I debate your call to include Bruce Kullick. This just sounds to me like a bunch of jumped up execs only letting them in because of public pressure, shoot them all I say.

  4. I won’t sit here and act as though I don’t have a certain bias in this. Not to sound too nerdy, but KISS is a little like Doctor Who in that every generation needs their own Doctor and I apply that to KISS as well. That said I’d like to touch on an observation that I have made. Namely, the suspicious actions of the HOF in this situation. First, KISS being passed over in favor of ABBA the last time their induction was considered. Not since Jethro Tull beat out Metallica years back, has something been such a blatant slap in the face. But here’s the rub; Given the ABBA-snub in the past. It is such a grinding gear-switch to say, “Okay, now you’re in” which raises more than a few eyebrows. Why? The HOF doesn’t like to be “strong armed”, i.e. a ground swell of support from both the KISS Army and people like Eddie Trunk (That Metal Show) on the matter any more than KISS. The powers that be over at the hall are well aware of the bad blood within the original line-up and the extent to which it has fractured the over-all fan base. To me it seems like the induction looks like a thinly veiled attempt to satisfy its own detractors, all the while instigating even more hostility within the band and the fan ranks. That’s just my opinion. Does anyone think it has merit.

    • I definitely think the Hall is taking a measure of revenge on the band and its fans by inducting them with these limitations.

      The Doctor Who/KISS analogy is spot on!

  5. If Simmons and Stanley had connected the dots early on, all this would be moot. They have eluded for years that polite Rock’N’Roll society have had a grudge against them. Hear the HOF, one of the culprits, handed them the means to rub it in the hall’s face, and they chose petty, vengeful in-fighting instead. They could have spent the time and energy that has been put forth in sniping in a more productive way. Maybe stating early on that though they would accept the award, as offered, Criss and Frehley would in no way be participates in the current incarnation of the band; either on tour or in the studio. Make-up aside, because who can get the straight on how all that came about in the first place. And as far as Tommy and Eric go; They may be in KISS…but they are not IN KISS..they are employees of KISS Inc. and not members in the sense that Criss and Frehley were. This has been a long standing policy since way back when Peter left. And there has been animosity regarding the replacements as well. Now they’re cool with them accepting accolades along side them ?…this is is a fiasco. Which probably delights the HOF no end.

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