4 comments on “KISS – Animalize [Review]

  1. It’s definitely not quite as good as Creatures of the Night or Lick It Up, but I have a soft spot in my heart for this album too. Mark St. John does a pretty decent job in my opinion, and “Thrills in the Night” is probably my favorite track. Also, my best friend and I used to blast this album while driving to and from rock shows on hot August nights. A perfect album for summertime!


  2. I agree with Tokyo5 – Get All You Can Take is a personal favourite. Although I like I like Thrills In The Night best like G.B. Marian.

    Good review though. At this point Kiss was basically a one man band, and Paul was trying anything. Fast shredder? Check! Didn’t work out? Tell people he was never the right fit!


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