5 comments on “Ronnie James Dio: This Is Your Life [Review]

  1. >what’s up with Japan always getting bonus tracks that never see the light of the day in the United States?

    The record labels are Japanese companies so they ask bands for bonus tracks for Japan.
    The reason they do is because imported albums (from America, Europe, etc) are actually cheaper than domestically (in Japan) printed versions…so, to get people to buy the domestic pressings, they add bonus tracks, lyrics books, stickers, etc.

  2. “I” was my favourite track. Everyone I’ve played it for can’t believe it’s not Dio!

    Killswitch was my least favourite. They ruined Holy Diver.

    I’ve addressed the Japanese bonus tracks thing on my site before. The answer is this: For whatever reason, CDs in Japan are very expensive. (They have much higher quality standards.) Japanese people tended to import their albums cheaper from the US. So the Japanese record companies began adding bonus tracks, or posters, or stickers, whatever — anything to get people to buy that version instead of the cheaper US import. The side effect of that is now people in North American import Japanese CDs to get the bonus tracks!

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