4 comments on “Crossing the line: Betty Crocker Maple Bacon Cookies & Frosting and candy corn-ing all the things

  1. I just purchased and made the maple bacon cookies – I was skeptical at first, but they are very tasty and rich for box cookies. You can’t taste the bacon – just the saltiness. And the frosting is actually the best part – it has a very rich maple taste. I was pleasantly surprised.

  2. Wow!! I was so excited when I saw the Maple cookie mix and Bacon Maple frosting at my local Target! I had to get them both. But I’m not sure about the bacon bits. Think I’m going to make my own bacon bits. Happy to see Caitlin liked them!

  3. My family and neighbors loved the Bacon Maple Betty Crocker cookies. I took them to a gathering and everyone there wanted to know how to make them. I did not put any frosting on the cookies and they were fabulous! I am disappointed that I can not find the cookie mix or the Maple bacon flavored cake mix or frosting.
    If anyone knows where I can find Betty Crocker Maple Bacon products, please post it. (If you find the cookie mix, BUY IT, you will like it! (Without frosting!)

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