5 comments on “Halloween SFX Cassettes of the 1980’s: Horror Sounds of the Night

  1. This is amazing. I used to listen to this as a kid and loved it. So, there’s the black and orange tape, but for some reason I remember either a complete orange tape or was it white and orange? Either way, is there anyway you would be able to help me find a copy? Or somehow upload the audio on YouTube so I can listen and reminisce?! That would be amazing

  2. I got mine for $1 at the now-defunct McCrory’s store in the now-defunct Shannon Mall in semi-defunct Union City,Georgia,in 1988 when I was 14.It had the plain orange label on a black cassette.

  3. I have a copy and digitized it using an app on my Mac called Audacity. I have the mp3s if anybody wants them…

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