3 comments on “Whitesnake – Live in ’84: Back to the Bone [Review]

  1. Great review! For me though this is my fav lineup of the Snakes career! I love the audio of it as a friend ripped it for me! Love the rawness of the sound like a actual bootleg as advertised!
    Sykes is totally sick on guitar on this! The solo in Walking In The Shadow Of The Blues is wickedly awesome albeit it’s a exact opposite solo of what Marsden/Moody played but Sykes was the guitar slinger on this for sure and Powell is awesome period!
    Miss this era for sure and I do hear Ya when u say enuff live Snake …for me though the fact that it’s from yesteryear is awesome!
    Happy New Year!

    • I’m not sure. The only thing I’ve been able to confirm is the Super-Rock tracks. Maybe the packaging specifies dates/location but I haven’t found any of that info online.

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