3 comments on “Trip to Disney was canceled. Still ended up blowing my money.

  1. Hello! I enjoyed reading how you splurged on favorite things thats always fun :)
    However it saddened me that you didnt make it to the “happiest” place on earth with your family due to anxiety.. I too dealt with anxiety before with probably the same issues… I didnt like to do road trips i dont know why.. I didnt like to be in a crowd because i felt stuck..i didnt drive my ownself even around town (it got that bad) and then to top it all off at the height i didnt even go outside… It rapidly grew and practically comsumed me. I hated it but it was my reality at the time. I would hear people say, ” its all in your head knock it off already” etc

    It made me upset because at the time it felt very real.. People didnt understand.

    Anyway one day i had had enough. I wasnt going to live with anxiety forever, so i went for help. First it began with a counselor which helped but not to the extent i needed. I tried fir awhile but it just wasnt kicking anxiety out… So i had people who wanted to pray for me for anxiety to leave.. I found out where and how it all started and they helped me receive healing from the root of it all and then prayed for it to go… I had dealt with anxiety for at least a year and a half by that point and instantly i felt PEACE. It was tested when i decided to go to a parade where tons of people would be.. Im short and small…and i was completely fine being absolutely smothered by thousands of people behind me. I then started driving again.. And i left the country on a mission trip let slone my house. I was completely healed from it all and five years later i am still going strong :)

    I just felt compelled to let you know youre not alone and that it IS possible to live a life free of hinderances. Im sorry i gave you my whole experience but i just hope it gave you hope in some kind of way :)

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