A Misfit Christmas

Since I’ve been doing Halloween Scream for over seven years now, I figured it was about time I give an official name to all the posting I do for Christmas. Ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you… A Misfit Christmas!

ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas
Hershey’s Holiday Kisses Throwdown: Hot Cocoa Kisses vs. Candy Cane Kisses
Random Christmas Commercials
5 Things I Hate About You (Shopping at My Store)
Christmas Specials

Christmas Evil [Movie Review]

Peppermint ice cream and Pumpkin spice coffee creamers… it must be the holiday season!
Hardrock, Coco and Joe
Christmas Movies I’m Ashamed I Don’t Own Yet
Holiday Comic Book Covers: Extreme Super Hero Edition
Limited Edition Old-Fashioned Candy Cane Oreos
Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland
Growing Up With Christmas Toys

Louie the Lightning Bug had a Christmas Special!
Muppet Babies Holiday Huggables at McDonald’s
Christmastime is here and I’ve got the Frosty the Snowman coca and mug to prove it
Xanta Klaus is Comin’ to Town!
Rodney Reindeer is perhaps the greatest Christmas gift of all
A pair of Rodney Reindeer Burger King commercials
Christmas Lights and Frozen Ducks
Essential Christmas Movies
Santa Wants Cinnamon Toast Crunch?
A Polaroid Christmas Commercial
The Very First Christmas Crunch Cereal Commercial
Top Five Rankin Bass Christmas Specials
Grow Rudolph! Grow Santa! Grow Bumble! Part One
Happy New Year, Charlie Brown, have some Chex Mix


Keep watching for posts!

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