Cereals From Beyond: The Series

Since I love doing it so much and it’s become a fairly popular series of posts here, I’ve decided to set up a page for all the Cereals From Beyond posts that I’ve done and will continue to do (until I run out of cereals that interest me!).

I plan on going back and adding the commercials for CFB1 & 2, I’ll let you know when that happens.

Cereals From Beyond

Cereals From Beyond 2

Cereals From Beyond 3

Cereals From Beyond 4

Cereals From Beyond 5

Cereals From Beyond 6

Cereals From Beyond: Halloween Limited Edition

Part VII

Part VIII : Healthy Cereals!

3 comments on “Cereals From Beyond: The Series

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  2. Please let me know if you find these movies (Lil Drummer Boy Book II, The First Christmas). I am also STILL looking for them along with Willie McBean & his Flying Machine, the Stingiest man in town and the Lord of the Rings trilogy
    – without having to spend a fortune on it in DVD format.)
    The kids of the family are finally coming together for the first time in 22yrs this winter and I’d like to stroll down memory lane with them. For years I have been loading them up with the Day dreamer, HR Puf-N-Stuf, and Sigmons the Sea Monster items. I was thrilled when the DVD format of Rich Little’s Christmas Carol came available FINALLY last year.
    Again.. Let me know what/if you find anything. I’d love to hear about them!


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