2 comments on “2008: The Rock Strikes Back!

  1. Jon Oliva’s Pain – I have the other two but I haven’t given them proper time. I have promised myself that this record will get a seriouslisten this time around. Not sure why I haven’t listened to the other two, I’ve always been a big Savatage fan.

    Whitesnake – Just came in the mail today! I pre-ordered the limited edition from Amazon weeks ago. I go to the record store yesterday and there it is for the same price $9.99. I had no faith that my local shop would have such a good price.

    Def Leppard – Next week! I enjoyed both EUPHORIA (1999) and X (2002) but I could have cared less about the covers album. I think it will surprise some people.

    Dokken – It’s out now in Europe thru Frontiers. I might order it this weekend from NEH Records. Looking forward to hearing it.

    Motley Crue – Could either be really great or a total dud. I’m hoping for the best but I do like the lead single and I will be at the show in Mansfield.

    Judas Priest – People are dogging the concept but I think that this is going to be the breakout album of the year. Priest is also my #2 band so I’m a little biased but I really believe it’s going to be great. The lead track that available (‘Nostradamus’) is pretty damn good!

    Alice Cooper + Heaven & Hell – Both should be solid records. Alice hasn’t done a bad one in a long time and the Dio reunion should push the Sabbath guys’ creativity.

    Steelheart – I’ll probably pick it up but I’m not expecting much, kind of like the new White Lion.

    Aerosmith & Metallica – Their last few albums have sucked, bottom line! I will pick these up but I am expecting big flops. I expect Aerosmith to be better than Metallica.

    Heavy Metal Addiction

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