Old Trading Cards: Gremlins & Rambo

I picked up a handful of old trading cards at Pensacon a few months back. I’ve finally gotten around to scanning a few of the more interesting ones!


Gremlins (1984, Topps)

There was no way I was going to pass up a pack of Gremlins movie photos PLUS a stick PLUS a stick of bubble gum! And, yes, everything I bought was sealed and the stick of gum was intact. I was tempted to try the gum but then again, that’s what nephews are for.


Would YOU eat gum that was turning brown? I dared my oldest nephew to chew a stick… and he did! At first, he said it tasted like cardboard, then he said it tasted awful. Then he ran off to the bathroom to spit it out before he threw up.

So, anyway, here’s a sampling of a few of my favorite cards from the one pack of Gremlins and the two packs of Rambo cards I bought.A11A12.png

Ah, Kate. Beautiful, beautiful Phoebe Cates. One of the film’s most iconic scenes is when Kate is telling Billy the tale of how her father died. You don’t know whether to gasp or laugh. That dark scene is still a WTF moment for me whenever I watch this movie.


My absolute favorite scene in Gremlins is the bar scene where Kate is having to serve countless numbers of wacky and intoxicated gremlins before figuring out they hate bright lights and making a run for it.

Wasn’t it always great to get a sticker in your pack of cards? Of course they would just end up on my toy chest and then eventually get ripped off.

This is another part of the film that always stayed with me — seeing the gremlin cocoon inside this cage. Always looked so nasty to me… and it still does!



Rambo (1985, Topps)

Of the handful of cards I bought that day at Pensacon, I know I had to have TWO packs of these Rambo trading cards. While simply titled ‘Rambo’, this line of cards is actually based on the movie Rambo: First Blood Part II, which came out the same year these cards were released.


It’s so funny to me to look back and see how much more relaxed our society was back in the 1980’s. Just like every other trading card set back in that decade, the Rambo card set was obviously marketed for kids. What adult cares about ONE stick of bubble gum?

 ell.pnggg232.png A15  1.png 13   A5

It’s not too early for Halloween candy is it? 3 Musketeers MuskeFEARS fun-size candy!

In what may sound like heaven to some (such as myself) or a nightmare to others, when you work in the world of retail, you get see and access most holiday items way before the customer does and long before the holiday arrives. I’m fine with this and I’m always on the lookout for two things: Halloween candy and Christmas merchandise.

Mid-July is typically about the time my store starts getting in Halloween candy but Halloween came even earlier this year — a few items arrived in late June. Nothing too impressive. So far it’s been the standard stuff from Russell Stover and Reese’s, but candy caught my eye. It’s a candy I don’t even like but I couldn’t resist the gimmick:

3 Musketeers Muskefears fun-size bars! First off, I LOVE the name they’ve give them for Halloween — “Muskefears”. That’s awesome.


Secondly, while they didn’t really mess with wrappers too much, at least they added the Muskefears name to them.

20150701_194451Finally, they colored the nougat “Spooky Red”. I guess “Blood Red” would be too gruesome for the kiddies. The color quality of the photo above doesn’t really do them justice. They aren’t that pinkish looking but they are no way as dark red as the bag would have you believe.

If you like 3 Musketeers and you like Halloween, this is a big win for you. After buying the bag and eating one and then coming down off my Halloween rush, I remembered that 3 Musketeers are one of my least favorite candy bars. Why would you stop at a 3 Musketeers or Milky Way when a Snickers is obviously superior to both?

Comic Block – June 2015 Review

I was really pleased with last month’s initial Comic Block. It’s not as extravagant or junk-filled (I mean “junk-filled” in a nice way) as other mystery boxes such as Nerd Block, but it’s a fun, fairly inexpensive treat for a comic fan to look forward to every month.

Apparently they won’t be doing anything special with the design of the box the Block ships in, so I didn’t bother taking a photo of it this month. Check here to see what it looks like.

Short and sweet, here’s the contents of the June 2015 Comic Block:

  • 20150701_092008Groot #1 (Marvel Comics) – Seriously? They gave Groot his own book? Anyway, this is a Comic Block exclusive variant.
  • 21st Century Tank Girl #1 (Titan Comics) – Variant cover. I’ve never read Tank Girl and I’ve never seen the movie. Not sure if that will ever change.
  • Ghostbusters: Get Real #1 (IDW Publishing) – Another variant cover. Looking forward to reading this as it’s based on the animated series. Can’t be any worse than the new Ghostbusters movie sounds.
  • “Superhero Writing Apparatus” – Avengers pen/notepad set. Apparently this one is a random pull as I could’ve ended up with four Superman pens or a Captain America pen/notepad set instead.


  • “BVS.” – A ShirtPunch.com exclusive taking inspiration from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.

Final Thoughts:

I’ll read Groot, I’ll read Ghostbusters, I’ll wear the t-shirt and use the pen. Don’t care much for Tank Girl but it’s good that Comic Block throws in an indie comic or two every month. Overall, another winning month for Comic Block!

Comic Block – May 2015 Review

From the same people who put together Nerd Block, Horror Block, Gamer Block, etc. now comes Comic Block! May 2015 is the first month for this new mystery box service and having recently gotten hooked on stuff like this and being a comic book fan, I was excited to see what the Comic Block would bring. I won’t go into details of the service (Hey, I’m not getting comped here, so why should I?) but head on over to nerdblock.com/comic if this ends up looking like your thing.


The Comic Block box as it arrived in the mail! I wonder if they’ll change the theme of the box every month. Lots of cool comic book-related stuff they could do.


Opening the box, the first thing I see is a shirt. I couldn’t remember if a t-shirt came with this Block. All I could remember to expect was some comic books but t-shirts are pretty common for this type of stuff. In fact, I think the t-shirt is usually the best thing about these mystery boxes and they usually make the subscription price or one-time fee well worth paying.

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Haribo-A-Go-Go!: Wine Gums, Fruit Salad, Fizzy Cola, The Smurfs Sour!


Wine Gums were another package I had imported from Germany (it took, like, a month to get here). I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered them and I definitely wasn’t sure of their connection to England that the packaging proposes. When I think of European wine, France and Italy comes to mind way before England does.


The shapes of the gummies are kind of weird as well. Included are circles, diamonds and oblongs. One version of the oblongs is squiggly. Again, what does this have to do with wine? Labeled on each gummy is what type of wine it supposedly represents: gin, port, hock and sherry. Apparently there’s claret and champagne as well but I never saw those in my bag.

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Loot Crate – April 2015 Review


Please excuse the blur. No, I wasn’t going to retake the photo.

Okay, so there’s thing called Loot Crate. It’s subscription service that you sign up for online (there’s various subscription levels) and they send you a box of geeky junk you don’t really need every single month. With a recent promotion at work, I’ve had some disposable income so I figured it’d be fun to sign up for after watching a bunch of “unboxing” videos on YouTube.

What’s genius about all of these box subscriptions services is that they all get unlimited free advertising. These companies encourage their customers to blog, tweet, Instagram, and YouTube about their goods. And what geek can’t resist the urge to review something on a blog or YouTube? Who knows, maybe some day I’ll take the YouTube plunge and do video reviews (under a mask or something) but until then, I’ll stick to spilling digital ink.

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